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Knowledge Management Installation on Linux

Teru Yanagihashi



Does anyone know that the Knowledge Management 7.5 can be installed on Linux (SuSE)? The installation guide says as follows.


This installation is certified for Windows and Solaris systems, and supports
Linux®, Advanced Interactive eXecutive (IBM® AIX®), Hewlett Packard UNIX®
(HP-UX 11i) systems.


I ran the Solaris script (SearchServer6.1 was installed manually before this), but it failed with the following error message. I checked the folder and sure enough there is no Utilities folder. I checked the installation directory, but couldn't find anything that matches.


'/export/tmp/Utilities/bin/pre_install_files/rik/linux/rik' does not exist


The envrionment variable is set to IATEMPDIR=/export/tmp.