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    CMDB Upgrade from 7.1 to 7.1.6 Issue..

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      Hi All,


      I post this hoping that you may be able to help..


      Bit of background...


      I currently looking to do a upgrade of our system from 7.1 to 7.5 (this is mainlly for the release of CM with our organisation)...I am looking to upgrade the ARS, CMDB, CM (RM), SRM, SLM - We would do IM but for that fact we only released this 12 months ago...


      I am going through the patch upgrades to the base 7.1 modules before patching to 7.5...For this i build a VM instance to build a dev environment for testing the patches..


      As the subject to this post will explain, i am having issues upgrading the CMDB from it's vanilla state up to patch 6.


      I would like to upload the install log etc but dont seem to be able to find the attachment option!


      Any the installation fails after 3% saying "There is a problem during the upgrade to BMC Atrium CMDB 2.1.00 patch 6 stage 1 using upgr-cmd-OSD.out"


      when looking at the file itself it says the following:

         CMDBUpgrade  results
      ReturnCode:  ERROR
      Status List : 1 items
      Status Struct :
         Message type : ERROR
         Message number :  90
         Message:  Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System server
         Appended:  remedy-devapp


      I even went to the extent of monitoring the install, refreshing the services,msc to see if the arserver.exe dropped but it didnt - everything was up and running and i was able to log in straight after the install fails...for this reason i have no idea why it cannot connect.


      Really hope someone can help me as i'm pushed for time!


      Thanks in advance..