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    Comparing Versions (component Templates)

    Steven Wyns



      We want to use component templates to do upgrades of our software packages. We have a signature file present on the target servers which contains the packages that are installed on the server. Each package has a 3 token version number: Example BLP-packagename-v1.0.0


      I've made a Configuration item for this signature file. This way I can use "less than" and "greater than" on the values in the configuration entry in the compliance rule (i've split the version into 3 seperate values).


      Name                      Value1   Value2   Value3

      BLP-packagename   1            0            0


      As we all know comparing version numbers isn't that easy as you think in the beginning. ( for example comparing 4.0.0 with 3.9.0 or 3.10.0 with 4.0.0)


      Does anybody have best practices to do this?



      Best regards