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    how do I get rpms and populate rpm repository for VPC patching (RedHat)?

      I've been asked to setup RH linux patching, and am not finding basic info in VPC installation docs. It seems that I'm to setup a central RPM repository that appservers can pull patches from. I'm doing that on the central fileserver. Beyond that, though, I can't seem to find info on where to get rpms, how to keep them up to date, etc. I thought RH patching was done via subscriptions for each server - how do subscriptions tie into BladeLogics VPC structure? Do I have to manually download rpms on some regular schedule? Are there scripts to run from cron? (appserver/fileserver are on RH).


      Am I missing a major portion of docs? I'm looking at VPCInstallation.pdf and VPCUsersGuide.pdf.


      Thanks so much for whatever help you can offer!