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    AIX repo updating

      I configure my AIXDownloder to generate deps files and specify a Primary_AIX_Target. When the script actually tries to copy the .bff file to the aix server I get a access error. Do I have to establish credentials somewhere before I run the downloader?


      BTW working with the new BMC support page made me appreciate the old Bladelogic support site all the more. How a company as large as BMC can have such a worthless site is beyond me.

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          Bill Robinson

          The 'Primary AIX Target' is going to be accessed over NSH, look in the rscd.log on that system and see why it's giving you an access denied.


          it's likely that you don't have any BladeLogic credentials if you are running the downloader right from a shell, so you might want to update the agent acls on the target to allow connections from the downloader host to be mapped to root on the target (or whatever user can run the commands to generate the deps files)


          as for the website, there's been work to improve it, if you have some ideas of how to make it more useful, feel free to post your thoughts.

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            I tried about every combo of authorization and users file I could think of and I still couldn't make it work. I guess I can live without deps files and given the myriad of other problems I'm having with AIX patching we have decided to stop trying to patch AIX with Bladelogic and drop back to native tools.


            I do thank you for you efforts Bill. Bladelogic support would be a total wasteland without you.


            As an exercise try searching for AIX in the so called BMC "knowledge base" for the Bladelogic product. (I'll cheat and give you the answer...0). Searching for patching gives exactly 2 results both of which are for Windows. If there is a source of Bladelogic information other than the "knowledge base" at the BMC site I would love to know about it.