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    repo path using http network path?

      I'm trying to use an http path in my linuxrepo.conf file to access a client's repo.


      I have my tag defined with the http path to the client repo, however it fails.


      I can reach the physical server with a typical syntax of //server/path format, but it errors out when I use http://server/path/to/repo format.


      They tell me they setup all their internal patching this way using http. Do I need the physical directory path or will this work in the 7.4.3 gui?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Bill Robinson

          the path in the linuxrepo.conf file is an NSH path - NSH paths look like "///path/to/something"


          you cannot use a http or ftp or anything else in that file - you need to use the nsh path.


          so if your rpms were in a directory like /var/www/repo/rhel-5-x86_64/RPMS on server myreposerver your 'url' should be: