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    MS09-004 (SQL Server)... anyone having any problems?

      We have been trying to push the SQL Server update with BL, and although the job runs complete successfully, subsequent patch analyses show that the patch is not in fact being installed.


      In digging a little deeper, we have found that there are two different patches covered by this bulletin -- KB960089 and KB960090. We have tried pushing both together (which I didn't expect to work), as well as individually. The hotfix logfiles indicate that something is happening, but so far we've got about a half-dozen unsuccessful attempts.


      Manually running the .EXE file for the patch is successful (patch analysis correctly reports it being installed, even prior to a reboot).


      Any ideas? I've not heard much chatter about this patch at all, so I have to assume that everyone is having the same problems but they're just too afraid to admit it publicly. I am proud to be the first one who isn't going to let my life be ruled by fear!

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          More info on this one... it looks like when the BLpackage is built for this patch, one of the command-line switches might need to be tweaked. In particular, we are seeing (in the bldeploy.cmd file on the remote server) that it is deployed with a switch of "/instancename=" (i.e. nothing after the equal sign), and what we would like to try is using the switch "/allinstances" by default.


          Can someone tell me where the command-line switches come from, and/or how to change the defaults? I've looked through the BLPackage and it doesn't have that info built in anywhere I can get to it, it just has the hotfix itself.


          (I have attached a screenshot of the available command-line switches for reference.)

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            Bret Roemhild


            There should be 2 ways you can do this:

            1) Modify the hotfix item in the Depot (BLpackages get created from the actual hotfix)

            2) Or look at the USER guide under the Patch Management section. There should be a section about "Format for Custom Install/Uninstall File"


            Hope this helps.

            Thanks for sharing this.



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              Hi Bret, thanks for the reply.


              I originally thought to take a look at the Hotfix item, but I am a bit puzzled because what I see there doesn't seem to be reflected in the bldeploycmd.bat file when it gets pushed to a server.


              I am attaching 2 files; the first is the Hotfix item in the depot, with the install commands circled (I am assuming what is there is the default). The second is the contents of the bldeploycmd.bat file with the actual command line arguments circled.


              The default seems to be "??SOURCE?? -q -z", while the actual command becomes "(filename) /quiet /instancename= /norestart" and then another "(filename) /quiet /norestart".


              The "instancename" argument is specific to this patch (SQL Server); somehow it knows that it is syntactically correct... so I don't think that's a default for every single other patch. (Though I have not checked.) Any other ideas as to where this might be defined?


              I could just as easily create a custom BLpackage with this file and my own command arguments; but would like to find an easier way since they do show up from time to time.




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                I reported this same problem for MS08-040 & MS08-052 in November last year.

                I'm looking at the old ticket, and I see in the comments it says this will be resolved in release 7.46. Unfortunately I am running 7.45 so I still need to use the work around for my deploys.

                Just curious if you're using 7.46 or later and if this really got fixed. Which appserver release are you on?

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                  Sorry I can't be more help... we're on 7.4.4.x for appserver.