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    Patch Analysis "Analyze Only for Specified Patches" job still analyzing ALL

      We have a patch analysis job set up, using the "Analyze only for patches specified in" option, with an include file. What we are finding, however, is that even though we may only have 2 or 3 patches specified in the file, the job still runs for ALL patches. This is a pain, since it takes a loooong time to complete and we have to sift through all the output in order to find the certain patches we are looking for.


      The docs say this:

      For Analyze only for patches specified in, use the browse button to select a file or enter a Network Shell-style path to a file that lists the QNumbers of patches that should be analyzed. The list should include only one QNumber per line. If the file name you enter is incorrect, all patches are analyzed.


      I have used the browse button to locate the desired "include" file (so I know the path and filename are correct), and the file looks like this:



      ... which, as near as I can figure, meets the specified criterion of "one Q-number per line".


      Am I missing something? How can I get it to ONLY look for those patches, instead of looking for everything in the world?


      (Note also that we do run "Filter out patches from result specified in" patch analyses with an exclude file, and it works properly... so it seems to be something particular to the "include only" option.)