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    Hotfix Deployment Failure at Stage and Commit

      I have four servers that are failing at the stage and commit of the patch bldeploy job. The patch analysis works just fine no erros it comes back as green


      I checked out the server, exports, and users.local are fine and other jobs like ACL push work. I did notice the agents installed on the J drive but everything in the properites says its set correctly.


      Here is the error at the stage:

      Error 02/13/2009 13:56:12 Handle soft link problem : An error occurred while attempting to copy the file //((removed by me))) 2030178.1-2063175.2/2007103.1/AutoDL?BundleId=12859"

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          Bill Robinson

          i think the softlink error means it can't find a file in the depot (on the bl file server). look in the deploy log - Program Files\RSC\Transactions\log\bldeploy- if there's more info there.


          otherwise, open up a support ticket.

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            I had a similar but not the same error. I'll throw it out there for what its worth because it's pretty obscure. I'm not sure how much of the path you removed in the sample you posted.


            We found that under certain circumstances the fully qualified path the package is stored at is longer than the Windows OS supports which is 260 characters. If you package name is kind of long rename it and try again.



            Error Dec 4, 2008 9:00:56 PM Failed to create configuration file C:\tmp\stage\patch-pkg-SQL-Patch-Analysis-DR-Servers_2008.12.04-\patch-pkg-SQL-Patch-Analysis-DR-Servers_2008.12.04-