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    Format of Red Hat patch analysis exclude file

      I am working through some Red Hat patch analysis issues dealing with dependencies. Does anyone know the format that should be used in a RH repository rpm exclude file?



      The instructions indicate that just the name will do but I have not had much luck with that so far.



      # more exclude_file






      Downloading headers to solve dependencies...

      There was a package dependency problem. The message was:


      To solve all dependencies for the RPMs you have selected, The following

      packages you have marked to exclude would have to be added to the set:


      Package Name Reason For Skipping


      initscripts-7.93.33-1.el4 Config modified


      Unresolvable chain of dependencies:

      hotplug-2004_04_01-7.8 requires initscripts >= 7.93.14.EL

      httpd-2.0.52-41.ent.2 requires initscripts >= 7.93.26.EL-1

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          Never mind. Found it.


          You can create a file that includes a list of patches that should be excluded from analysis and

          subsequent deployment. This file should be named pca.conf, and it should reside in the

          following location:





          For example, you might create the following pca.conf file:

          123456 ignore

          145678-05 ignore


          Note that if you use this technique to exclude a patch that includes dependencies but you

          have defined a job to analyze for dependencies, the patch will not be excluded from analysis.