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    Patch Analysis giving incorrect results...?

      When doing "urgent" patching for the MS 08-067 patch, we have run into a bit of an issue that we're not sure how to handle. We have a Patch Analysis job set up to scan for that patch only (Q958644). In most cases, it returns results in accordance with what we would expect to see as far as patched/missing. However, there are some servers that show up as not having that patch installed when, in fact, the patch is installed (verified via Add/Remove programs showing updates). We have also set up a script that polls the WMI to look for the patch, which also properly identifies that the patch has been installed.


      Where does the Patch Analysis look on a server to determine whether a particular patch has been installed, and why would it give different (i.e. inaccurate) results? This doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. :)


      (I have heard that in some cases a patch won't show up until after a reboot; however, in the case I am looking at, the server has been rebooted prior to the patch analysis job being run against it... so that shouldn't be a factor here.)