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    Windows 2008 patch  management

      I know that ver7.4.3 has following known issue for Windows 2008 patch management functionality.


      Issue ID = IR34132

      Uninstalling patches (hotfixes) for Windows Server 2008 is not currently

      supported using the Windows patch management functionality. This is

      due to the fact that there have been some adverse effects when

      uninstalling these patches using the product.


      I found solution for this issue.

      If you have other solutions, please let me know.


      When user would like to uninstall patches, user should creates BLpackage by following steps.


      For example: user has installed "KB950760"

      1)User copies "KB950760" msu file into Windows 2008 machine.

      2)User launches DOS prompt window on Windows 2008 machine.

      3)User performs following command on DOS prompt.


      expand c:\temp\Windows6.0-KB950760-x86.msu –F: Windows6.0-KB950760-x86.xml c:\temp


      4)User takes memo following information of Windows6.0-KB950760-x86.xml.







      5)User creates a BLpackage. This package includes following command.


      start /w pkgmgr /up:namepublickeytokenprocessArchitecture~~version


      When user perform this job, KB950760 will be uninstalled.