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    VPC Auto-Remediate

      How do we auto-remediate patches with the VPC?

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          Valerian Jone

          Deploy jobs should be created with the correct blpackage containing the correct patch and the correct targets that you should just be able to execute.


          Or are you talking about chaining the analysis and the actual patch deployment together so that that is one action where the analysis detects a missing patch and then it also immediately kicks off the correct patch deploy job after the analysis? If that's the case, I don't think you can do that, unless you go in and manually change the python code to do that.

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            Extract from 7.4.3C1 release notes:


            Auto-execution of Deploy Batch Jobs

            A new NSH Job parameter (-X) has been added to allow deploy to execute immediately after analysis. The packaging (p) attribute must be specified in the script mode. This feature is available on all platforms.

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              Yea, this is what I'm looking for. I was looking at the 7.4.1 VPC User Guide. Thanks.