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    Shavlik patch source returning 404 error

      I had a user over the weekend run patch analysis on a Win2k server and the job error-ed out because http://xml.shavlik.com/data/hfnetchk5.cab returned a 404 error. Has this patch source been decommissioned? I turned off the auto-update for this source and the rest of the patch sources updated correctly so the job finished but I'm worried that there may be content missing because of this .cab file not updating anymore. We are running on


      Also, in prior runs of the analysis we have seen that MS08-010 is not showing up at all since we upgraded to 7.4.2. It was showing up when our app server was at 7.2 though. I realize the sources and methodology has changed for patching but that worries me a little. What other patches are now missing?