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    Patches aren't picked up, though they are there

      We set a property - NAVI_CERTIFIED - on patches we want to install, and then patch against patches in the smart group of patches with that property. This worked till we started trying to patch 64 bit windows servers (this is agent). Now, we have patches with the same designation, such as "MS07-042 936227 936181" for both 64 bit and 32 bit servers with the property "NAVI_CERTIFIED", and when you run a patch analysis against the patch smart group the 64 bit servers say there are no missing patches, whereas when you run a patch analysis against all patches this specific patch comes up as missing. I'm thinking that the analysis finds the first instance and stops, rather than looking at the 64 bit patch as well, and realizing it needs it, when I use the patch smart group, and that I need 2 smart groups, a 32 bit and a 64 bit one. Thoughts? Thanks.

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          Sounds like your using 7.3? You're on the track with two patch smart groups, one for each processor architecture. I recommend "SUBSCRIPTIONS contains windows-x86_64-en-2k3sp2" in addition to your custom property. Be wary of the PLATFORM property, I found it sometimes contains unreliable values. Then create two analyze jobs (one for each platform again) and you should be alight.