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    Patch Analysis Job Gives "Error: Parser problem"

      All of a sudden, my patch analysis job that has been running fine, is giving me an error message for each server in the job. Error: Parser problem is now what I get instead of Succeeded.

      Initially the job ran successfully on both Windows and Solaris servers with the various warnings or errors it found when analyzing the servers. Then one morning the job failed all servers. I noticed that the Solaris subscriptions had not been updated and did so. Next day job ran and windows servers still failed but Solaris servers were not behaving and being analyzed. This currently the case. I am wondering whether deleting old windows content and downloading new content would maybe work. I am not sure which content I should delete if I do.

      Anyone seen this? I have v7.2. Support has tried to duplicate this with all service packs, hotfixes and version upgrades. Same error.


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          I am now getting the same error on my windows 2003 servers the last time I ran patch analysis when it worked was September 28th at 200PM at 8PM that same day my patch subscription job ran with no errors. I came in on monday and tried to run another patch analysis job and it failed with the error:


          Error while parsing analysis result XML fileParser problem


          followd by


          No patches found in the analysis results


          I look in D:\BladeLogic\OM\tmp\application_server and look at the PLresults*.xml file and athe end I see an error


          An invalid character was found in text content. Error processing resource 'file:///D:/BladeLogic/OM/tmp/application_server/...


          I am not sure what to do next I have looked at all logs and connot see anything that would indicate somthing was changed or any major problems.

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            I have been working on this with BL support and their engineers.

            Evidently, their content provider pushed a couple of 'bad' patches, not sure what that was. The patches in question concern MS07-036 and 042. This consists of abour 14 .pls header files.What I got from them:

            >The problem patches are MS07-036 and MS07-042. I created a

            Patch Smart Group searching for these patches (Name contains

            MS07-036 and Name contains MS07-042). Once found I did a

            Ctrl-A to select all, right-clicked on the highlighted

            patches and choose "Set Patch State" to Disabled. After this

            I am able to run a patch analysis and view the results. The

            correction to these two patches is being worked on and I will

            update as soon as they are completed. Please let me know how

            this workaround works for you. Thank you.

            Well, it must be the version of BL they were testing on (I have 7.2).

            I was able to make a smart group and gather the rogue patches but the only patch property I am able to edit is the payload_location. In fact, I do not even see the patch property 'Set Patch State'.

            For now I have a workaround for the workaround. I created a smart patch

            group and EXCLUDED the rogue patches, and anything not windows, and then

            directed the patch analysis job to use the smart group option and it seems to

            be working for now. Takes a while longer and gets a few more error messages.

            One of these should work for you until BL or Patchlink (now Lumension) figures out a permenent solution.

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              Thanks for the quick response! I will try the workaround and let you know how it goes :)

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                Thanks for the research! I have all my windows 2003 patches already in their own smart group so all I did was disable the offending patches and re ran the patch analysis job and it worked! I have :)


                Thanks again


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