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    Deployment of Patches with BladeLogic 7.3

      I am trying to understand what is going on here... When you run a patch analysis job and "Download All missing patches" Does it store them for future use? The issue I am seeing is that even though that patch was downloaded during another patch deployment... it appears it downloads the patch again the next time it needs it instead of pulling it from local storage. Not to mention it it takes about 10 minutes to create a package of Windows patches that it should all ready have stored in the depot.

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          A few other people in the field have brought this up. In my testing with Windows patch deploys I watched the patchrepository directory while the patches were "downloading" and I did not see a second copy being brought down or the original patch time stamp being updated, so I think it is just part of the process to display the message whether it is downloading the patch or checking the repository if the patch is already there.


          I cannot account for the time it takes to create BLPackages from existing patches but I'll look into that. I would imagine that would take the same amount of time since the starting point is the same, that is the patches have to be in the payload location.

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            Okay, So for instance... I run a patch analysis job on ten servers... After it is complete, I click to download "All Missing Patches" that take an upward of 30 to 40 minutes depending on how many patches... I am not concerned with that... so after the download is complete, I want to start building Packages to deploy to servers. I can do one of two things, create a package per server or create one big package for all ten servers... According to BladeLogic Documentation, if you do the second option it will create one package only if all ten servers require the same patches and if it doesn't it should create more than one. What ever the option you chose, the creation of the package takes about 10 to 30 minutes. That is the issue... That is too long of a period of time when you are trying to patch 700 servers. If it is truly pulling for local storage it shouldn't take that long. When patching RedHat, the patches are stored on a different file server and it doesn't take as long to package them up.


            I have also ran into the issue with patches not being configured with the right switch, so the deploy job either hangs or fails... if you log into the console of the server you would see a box waiting for a user to hit next.


            The old method of file deploys was definitely faster in the Windows world.

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              Ed, this is the same issue I reported for my client. What did your testing reveal?