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    Looking for tips to parse kb999999.log or svcpack.log files

      I'm looking for tips to interpreting the kb999999.log or svcpack.log when an apply fails. With these running silently, the simple plain spoken error messages from the wizard are gone. Sometimes I can pick a meningful error out of the log, but not always. 0xf02b is accompanied by a "not enough free disk space" message. This one still has be guessing:


      29.906: Update.exe extended error code = 0xf00d

      29.906: Update.exe return code was masked to 0x643 for MSI custom action compliance.


      This is a little help, but does not explain 0xf00d.



      For now I'm going to resort to downloading the hotfix and running it manually. Just wondered what others experiences with this may be.