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    Hotfixes naming convention

    Gerardo Bartoccini



      I just went on endor to download the latest 7.6 hotfixes.

      I have a customer that is about to start a new implementation, so I want to go for the latest available BL software.


      Now, the naming convention for the GA software (let's take Windows agents, but it works for all packages) is:


      E.g.: RSCD760-115-W32.exe


      Now, for the hotfixes we have:




      For some other agents, the right mapping is not even straightforward. See below:





      Now, having the same naming convention for the hotfixes would make things much easier. We could do a minor edit in our BulkInstaller jobs, we could do minor edits in our documents for the customer (such as mapping between agent packages and actual operating systems, which is missing in the official documentation and so on).


      Why the naming convention is not respected throughout the whole product lifetime?


      Any comments?