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    No authorization to access host: <fileserver>

      We have a multisite config (7.4.3), and I reinstalled the appserver because I was having problems accessing it via config mgr. Now appserver won't start at all, error is:


      Database service started

      Retrieving property values for host: blandfs

      No authorization to access host: blandfs


      "blandfs" is an alias for the server itself, because we nfs mount the fileserver partition:


      blandfs001:/var/data 132345984 31998624 93624576 26% /data


      Here's the hosts file entry that makes it work:

      blsynyrep001.appliedtheory.com blsynyrep001 blandfs


      I can access /data, write to it, everything, but appserver won't come up. What's causing this error and what to do - anyone have any ideas?