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    Domain Authentication

    Antonio Caputo

      Does anyone have a real example of the output of the


      nslookup -type=srv kerberos.tcp.


      in case it returns more than one KDC and how its output is used to fill the blappserv_krb5.conf for a Domain Authentication configuration?


      Thanks a lot.

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          Bill Robinson

          You will see a number of lines like this:


          kerberos.tcp.DEMODRIVE.COM SRV service location:

          priority = 0

          weight = 100

          port = 88

          svr hostname = windc1.demodrive.com


          windc1.demodrive.com internet address =


          in the krb5.conf file you can put multiple entries like:


          kdc = windc1.demodrive.com:88

          kdc = windc2.demodrive.com:88

          kdc = windc3.demodrive.com:88