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    Doing clean reinstall but saving Configuration Data

    Bill Bruncati

      I need to do a clean install of a 7.4.3 Bladelogic App server.

      However, I do not want to lose all of my existing configuration

      settings. I understand that I can export many things

      ( see the list at the end of this post).


      I also want to be able

      to keep all of my Server configurations , etc.


      Is there a way to save ALL the configuration data

      ( back up the Oracle DB ? ) , do a clean install,

      and then read in the DB to get back all my Bladelogic

      data ?






      • BLPackages


      • Configuration files


      • Component templates


      • Depot software


      • Extended objects


      • Files


      • Jobs (any type)


      • Network Shell Scripts


      • Property Dictionary and custom property classes (see Using PropertySync to Import and Export Properties)


      • Smart group definitions for components, component templates, depot objects, jobs, and server smart groups (actual contents of the smart group are not exported)


      • Snapshots (that is, a job run of a Snapshot Job)


      • System packages (for Provisioning Manager)