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    Where does RSCDsvc.exe get the path to the RSCD executable on Windows?

      I am troubleshooting a Windows 2000 server on which the agent service stops immediately after it is started, and have run across these entries in the RSCDsvc.log file:


      08/23/09 07:18:39.453 INFO rscdsvc - HandleAgentStart: Agent process started (C:\BladeLogic\RSC/RSCD.exe)
      09/01/09 02:05:58.656 FATAL rscdsvc - HandleAgentStart: Unable to start RSCD agent process (c:/rsc/RSCD.exe). Err: The system cannot find the path specified.


      ... those two lines are literally right next to each other in that file. So on August 23 the service started normally, but somewhere in between then and September 1, something changed the path to the RSCD executable that the service is looking for. "c:/rsc/RSCD.exe" is not a path that we would have set up anywhere in any of our environments, so it's not even a question of the wrong configuration information being applied to this particular server.


      Where is this information stored? I have looked through the registry and every configuration file I can find, but cannot locate it. No environment variables seem to point to it, and even the BL job history doesn't show any jobs run during that time that would have performed such a drastic change to the agent configuration.


      I can uninstall/reinstall the agent, but would like to have this info in case it comes up again.