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    license agent



      i am trying to license a RSCD agent. I have trying to license using autolic command and later putlic. Always display the same message:


      “Error Setting the license key on host xxxxxx: Permission denied”


      I have started a NSH console from Bladelogic Configuration Manager > Custom Commands > NSH here and now the message is:


      “Command can only be run on local host”


      In the license web page in bladelogic site the server is displayed like licensed.


      Does anyone idea how to solve?



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          Bill Robinson

          Look at the ACLs on the target agent in /usr/lib/rsc or c:\windows\rsc - and the rscd.log on the target. it's likely that you don't have any BladeLogic credentials so nsh on the client side is sending over your OS username and the acls on the agent don't have any entries for that user name.


          you can do a couple things:

          1 - launch nsh via the 'nsh here' from the CM GUI

          2 - setup a NSH Proxy on the appserver and config the nsh client to use it

          3 - on the target agent remove the 'nouser' line in the users file and in the exports file put the line '* rw,user=<root|Administrator>'. (whatever the admin account is)