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    How to run the Post-Install Configuration Wizard in text mode

    Antonio Caputo

      While installing an AS, the installer asks to run the post-install configurations but it fails because I don't have a graphic session.


      This is what I get:


      +Your DISPLAY variable is not set. The Post-Installation Wizard

      is a java-based application that requires the DISPLAY variable to

      be set.


      Do you wish to set your DISPLAY and configure the Application Server (y/n) ? n



      There was a problem starting the Post-Install Configuration Wizard.

      If you wish to re-run the Post-Install Configuration Wizard outside

      of this install, please execute the following command:


      /usr/nsh/br/blappconf install +


      Is there any way to run it in a text mode?


      I was able to set the db connection and the file server parameters via blasadmin but how to handle with the bladelogic BLAdmin and RBACAdmin users?