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    How to check that agent is running on a Linux server

      I understand that the RSCD agent listens on port 4750. Therefore I can execute the following command to ensure the agent is listening:


      %telnet 4750


      If however, if this fails I want to check that the agent is working before I investigate firewalls. If i run the following on a working box:


      %netstat -a


      %netstat -a | grep 4750


      nothing is returned, or a cannot see a process running with port 4750.


      I cannot run a service check on rscd as this option is not available. E.g running the following:


      %/etc/init.d/rscd status




      Usage: /etc/init.d/rscd {start|stop}



      Therefore, how can I check the status of an RSCD agent on a Linux box?