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    Bladelogic server rename

    Tim Emerson

      Were are running Bladelogic 7.4.6 on two servers:


      server1 - Application server, file server and report server

      server2 - Database server (SQL 2005)


      Both servers are Windows server 2003.


      We want to change the name and IP for both servers. The servers will remain the same with different names and IPs.


      Can I use the Application Server Administration script and the Application Server Configuration Wizard to change the names? Are the names and IPs referenced anywhere else on the servers?

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          Bill Robinson

          I think the only changes you'll have to make are the path to the file server and the ssl cert for the reports server.


          The file server change is done by some sql scripts, look in the install guide for 'use the database to change file servers'


          the reports change should be done w/ 'blrptadmin' - something like set reports host


          there's a gen command to re-generate the ssl cert

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            Tim Emerson

            Thanks Bill.


            There is a GUI that is installed with the CM (under Bladelogic/ utilities) on Windows called:


            Application Server Configuration Wizard


            This GUI has a tab for File Server and Database information. I'm wondering if I change that information in the gui, will I need to run the scripts manually?

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              Bill Robinson

              Yes, the db scripts update all the existing items in the database w/ the new file server path (path includes the server name).


              That wizard is really only used for the initial configuration - to change settings on the appserver after the initial install you'd want to use OM\bin\blasadmin to update database settings, etc, except of course for the file server setting. For that you must use the db scripts.