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    load-bl-inventory-templates.nsh; update v7.5 -> v7.6

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      Hi all,


      after updating a multi-app-server-environment from v7.5 to v7.6 I installed the new inventory-templates via the given "load..."-script. Everything works fine but... ;)


      ... as the extended object "Linux Configuration" exists, this one is skipped during installation. The "skip" is mentioned in the console output. So far so good.


      The thing is, that there is an important change in that the used script "os_config.nsh" is copied to the file-server - instead the different app-servers.


      Now my app-server searches - as set in the old (v7.5) extended object - for /bmc/blog/share/sensors/extended_objects/os_config.nsh on every participating app-server without using the app-server-name in the path (e.g. //blapp1/bmc/blog/share/sensors/extended_objects/os_config.nsh) while in fact the script is located at //blapp_fileserver/bmc/blog/storage/extended_objects/os_config.nsh (<= that is v7.6)


      After deleting the exented object and re-loading the Linux-inventory everything is at the right place.


      Is this one for the support or for "better reading the log-data" (aka RTFM ;) )


      Also - is the question


      Is this content install in a MAS
      (Multi App Server) setup ? [y/n] :y

      in the load-bl-inventory-templates.nsh still needed?