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    Windows RSCD agent silent upgrade

    Gerardo Bartoccini



      I'm planning to upgrade ~2000 Windows agents (7.4.x to 7.6) and I would like to optimize the silent upgrade procedure.

      As you know, the Windows silent upgrade often fails, mostly because some files are locked and can't be replaced unless the system reboots.

      Obviously, no target servers can be rebooted as they are production servers.


      I believe most of the failures are due to running processes locking files.

      I also believe some of these processes are not needed processes which are hanging after incorrect completion of scripts or jobs.


      Now, I'm guessing part of the failures could be avoided running a "cleanup script" before actually kickin' off the upgrade.


      I'm thinking about something like:


      ps -ef | awk '{if ($10="nsh") print "kill -9 "$2}'

      ps -ef | awk '{if ($10="nexec") print "kill -9 "$2}'



      What do you think? Would that help?