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    NSH shell proxy doesn't work

    Antonio Caputo

      - nsh proxy server is configured on Application Server (as usually done as reported on Admin guide)

      - secadmin has been run on client (secure file is created)

      - blcred has been run in order to acquire credentials (ok message is returned)


      but this is not true.


      The appserver.log says:


      + BLAdmin:: user authentication successful: BLAdmin

      BLAdmin:: Authentication Connection closed



      and the console.log:


      + Anonymous:Anonymous: Connection closed by / before pre-authentication handshake could be completed.

      Anonymous:Anonymous: failure establishing session with proxy service

      Anonymous:Anonymous: NSH Proxy Connection closed+


      Any suggestion?



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          Bill Robinson

          is 9842 open from the client to the appserver?

          do you see the proxysvcurl in the credentials? (blcred cred -list)


          you enabled the 'blsso' nsh proxy, not the legacy SRP or CLR proxy right?

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            Narjit Najran

            I am receiving the same error and can't see where I'm going wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


            From NSH I get


            SSO Error: Unacceptable proxy service greeting.
            Error in Initializing RBAC User and Role (SSO Proxy)
            Network Shell can be used for local access


            And in the appserver.log I see:


            failure establishing session with proxy service

            NSH Proxy Connection closed


            In my secure file I have

            default:port=4750:protocol=5:tls_mode=encryption_only:encryption=tls:auth_profile=TEST_76:auth_profiles_file=/d/Program Files/BMC BladeLogic/OM_2/br/authenticationProfiles.xml:appserver_protocol=ssoproxy


            And in my credentials list I can see the urls


            %blcred cred -list

            Username:         BLAdmin
            Authentication:   SRP
            Issuing Service:  service:authsvc.bladelogic:blauth://appserverhost:9840
            Expiration Time:  Mon Dec 14 21:59:32 GMT 2009
            Maximum Lifetime: Mon Dec 14 21:59:32 GMT 2009
            Client address:
            Authorized Roles:

            Destination URLs:

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              Bill Robinson

              the syntax of your secure file does not look correct. it should look like:


                 auth_profiles_file=/c/Program Files/BMC BladeLogic/OM/br



              take out the port=4750

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                Narjit Najran

                Thanks Bill.


                The problem was that I have just installed a second version of the CM GUI on my desktop to test out the new app server (7.6) and the NSH I was using was the old version that was in my Path (v7.4.2). I have since modified my Path to use the new GUI, resolved the issue of incompatible cygwin1.dlls and now I can connect. I have also removed the port 4750 from the secure file. I do however see several 'NSH Proxy Connection closed' messages in the appserver log after executing a command through nsh, for example an 'ls' even though the command works fine. Is this supposed to happen?


                Also is there a way to run two versions of the GUI and nsh simultanteously? So without having to edit the secure file and changing desktop environment variables? Or shall I post this in another forum?



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                  Bill Robinson

                  If this was unix, I'd say check your environment variables.  On windows, I'm not sure.  you should be able to run 2 different versions of the GUI at the same time, I've done that w/o any changes.  as far as the secure file, unless you can separate the systems you are connecting to by network, you can only have 1 'default' line in there.