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    Can't configure new appserver - fails on postinstall step 3 of 5 - fileserv

      Greetings. I'm installing appserver in multisite config, am on step 3 of 5 in install - fileserver step. We mount fileserver as an NFS mount:


      blandfs001:/var/data 132345984 83470912 42152256 67% /data


      and define blandfs in /etc/hosts:

      blmimnrep001.msp.netaspx.com blmimnrep001 blandfs


      and I was able to access the partition //blandfs/data until the server came unlicensed!!!! Now, I can't relicense it - putlic fails with no helpful info:

      blandapp001% putlic

      blmimnrep001: Not Licensed


      and I can't access the partition because it's unlicensed:


      blmimnrep001% ls //blandfs/data

      ls: //blandfs/data: Software not licensed


      and I can't continue the install either. Suggestions??!?!?