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    Data Migration Manager 7.4.5 ->7.5.0 Failure

    S Crawford

      We are trying to upgrade our test environment from 7.4.5 to 7.5. We have setup our TEMP and UNDO space requirements and are now trying to run the Data Migration Manager. When we run it, we get an error:


      +Thread-18 | Thu Mar 26 10:36:21 EDT 2009 | LOG_DEBUG | java.lang.Exception: After ACL checksum calculating task, duplicate Checksum values were found

      at com.bladelogic.app.migration.post52.migration74To75.DataMigrationBlAclChecksums$BlAclChecksumCalculatorThread.run(DataMigrationBlAclChecksums.java:200)+


      What needs to be done for this error to be fixed? has anyone had this issue before? I've confirmed with our DBA that blmanager is the DB ID and it does have proper privs. I've attached the screenshot and blmigration.log and output java exceptions we are getting.