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    Primary numbers file might be corrupted - v7.4.1

      We are currently using 7.4.1 on Windows Server 2003. We have had some issues with provisioning and some configuration management. After working with the problem, it appeared that there were overall configuration issues with the BladeLogic that had been lost from tribal knowledge. It was decided to perform a reload of the application (app server, pxe server) while continuing to use the existing database. I have pushed the 7.4.1 r2006 hotfix but I am unsure if the SQL script for that patch was pushed. We are now getting SRP authentication errors with "Primary numbers file might be corrupted. No primary numbers entry for slot index 1." appearing in the appserver.log. Some older threads point to problems with accounts in the database as well as the tpasswd.conf. Has anyone seen this error and have some pointers on where to look for a solution?


      Follow-up: Performed an audit between a BL server in out test domain that is working and the non-working BL server in our lab. There were many differences between the directory contents particularly in the versions of the files. I was surprised to find many of the dll and other files I upgraded to r2006 to be older on the functioning server. The blasadmin still reports both servers running r2006. Hopefully this provides some more info on our problem


      Follow-up 2: Decided to clear the RBACAdmin and BLAdmin pwd to see if blappconf would help me out. Got the exact same primary number files error after re-entering the passwords. Still get SRP authentication error but the database table did update with passwords for the two accounts.


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