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    Second SOCKS proxy server - how to create network routing rule?

      We have multiple environments, each of which has its own internal DNS, each of whose servers are only reachable from that site. Currently we are using multisite, trying to convert to SOCKS proxies at each site instead of multisite.


      Currently I have two network routing rules. I made one, associated with a custom server property "Location", as per docs which have you use the Network Routing wizard to create network routing rules.


      "Location" routing rule is defined as:

      (??NAME??="Minnesota DC")

      and the target for "Location" is "MN_proxy_server", which is in DC #1.


      Servers in the Minnesota DC have the server property "Location" defined as "Minnesota DC" and this SOCKS proxy works.


      The second routing rule was created under advisement by a BL engineer.


      "Minnesota DC" routing rule is defined as:

      (??TARGET.Location??=Minnesota DC)

      and the target for "Minnesota DC" is also "MN_proxy_server", in DC #1.


      Now - I've created a second proxy server, "SJZ_proxy_server" for DC #2.


      How do I create a routing rule, or modify an existing one, to route traffic whose server property "Location" = "SJZ DC" to go thru the proxy server "SJZ_proxy_server"? I think that's how it needs to work.


      Please advise - docs are very confusing! Thanks in advance....


      Judith Reed