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    BL 7.4.2 Apps/DB Server in VM

      Just wondering if anyone has their BL Apps and Database servers hosted by VM.

      Currently both our Apps and Database servers are on hardware, but we are wondering if their are any issues with having these servers as virtual machines, performance wise, etc.



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          Just follow the standard precautions concerning tradeoffs that you would for virtualizing anything. I have implemented at several customers utilizing a completely virtual environment.



          The only word of caution I would throw out there is that I think it is common industry acceptance that a highly utilized database should no be on a VM. So if your environment is 500 servers or less with just some routine compliance jobs and application deployment, then I would say you are fine. Anything above that, and you should closely monitor your situation and consider a physical server for the database.


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            We have been on VM since our begining with no issues to speak of. We have a SQL2005 DB on one VM and our app/reports server on another. We have had no problems to speak of.