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    Random Number Generator Error

      We are trying to install an agent on a system that has /dev/random. There is a random number generator installed and in use by openssl/openssh.


      However, upon running the insteall script we get an error that says....


      We could not detect a suitable random hardware device on this machine.


      The BladeLogic software requires a suitable random device/file

      when doing TLS/SSL communications. This machine does not have a

      working random hardware device installed. For better security, we

      recommend contacting your Operating System maker to see if they

      provide a package or patch that installs a random hardware device.


      In the meantime, BladeLogic provides two additional items that

      may be used in place of a random hardware device. BladeLogic

      provides a "Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon" (PRNGD) and

      also it provides the ability to create a single file with random data.


      Please choose the type of random number support you wish to use.


      1 - Create a .rnd file in /root

      2 - Do not install anything else (Usually chosen if you will add a patch)

      3 - Install the PRNGD




      When we select option 1, we get the followign message....

      We will now run the bl_gen_rand program which will help configure

      the agent's random seed.


      ./Install: line 3264: /usr/nsh/bin/bl_gen_rand: cannot execute binary file



      For option 3 we get


      sed: can't read prngd.rc: No such file or directory

      cp: cannot stat `prngd.conf': No such file or directory


      ... Done


      Option 2 continues fine, but the agent never comes up.