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    Impact of BladeLogic

      Can anyone provide a pointer to a guide or info that can help me assess the impact of deploying Bladelogic on a) my managed servers (Win2K3 & Solaris 10), b) my network (typical traffic between key points).


      I know this is a bit subjective and no one can give me 'the answer' but there must be some guidance for assessing the impact. Plus I'm lousy at finding things on the KB ;)

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          Bill Robinson

          I don't know that there is a guide per se. when idle the agent eats up maybe 1-2M of memory. so it really depends on what you are doing that determines CPU and memory utilization, etc.


          if you're deploying a package you'll eat up as many resources as you would if you were manually installing the package, or if you're doing a compliance scan that scans for world-writeable files, you'd eat up whatever running those commands would if done by hand - the agent doesn't add much overhead.


          because the agent is 'speak when spoken to' it does nothing unless you direct it to do something - no phoning home, no back and forth network traffic between the appserver and the agents, etc. so there's not much impact.


          now, if in the past you were running around w/ CDs and installing at the console and now you are deploying over the network, you'd see an increase in traffic, but that's because the delivery mechanism changed...