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    Error in os_config job

    Antonio Caputo


      after running the os_config job I get the following error on some servers:


      ERROR 1

      Error Dec 1, 2008 2:10:27 AM Unable to append to file //svzvrasblg001w3/C/Program Files/BladeLogic/Reports/tmp/svzvrasidqt01w3.xml: Connection timed out


      ERROR 2

      +Info Dec 1, 2008 2:10:41 AM Exit Code 2

      Info Dec 1, 2008 2:10:36 AM Getting data for host: svzvrsgt01w3... Unable to copy svzvrsgt01w3.xml to //svzvrasblg001w3/C/Program Files/BladeLogic/Reports/data/os_config/new. You can find a copy of the file at //svzvrasblg001w3/C/Program Files/BladeLogic/Reports/tmp

      Error Dec 1, 2008 2:10:35 AM cp: Unable to create file //svzvrasblg001w3/C/Program Files/BladeLogic/Reports/data/os_config/new: Is a directory+


      Can you please help me to understand how to fix?


      Thanks a lot

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          Bill Robinson

          are there successful servers in the os_config run along w/ these errors?


          the os_config generates an xml file from the output of the os_config script and drops it on the reports server in the data/os_config dir. my understanding is that 'new' files get put in the /new directory and then moved up one level during the etl (not 100% on that last part)


          i'm not sure where the xml file is stored on the target system before it gets copied over - probably /tmp - is there anything there?


          is there anything unique about the boxes it's happening on? does it always happen on the same boxes or is it random?

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            Antonio Caputo

            The problem does not affect the same servers everytime.

            So I thought it was dued to a sort of "overlapping" of the threads during the parallel execution of all the os_config jobs (one per server).


            So in the job configuration panel I changed the flag from 'Number of targets to process in parallel = Unlimited' to 'Number of targets to process in parallel = 20' and this fixed the problem.


            By the way, it could be nice to understand why choosing unlimited this happen. We speak of just 100 servers.