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    BL Agent Install

      Hi all. Fairly new here. We have just started implementing the BL application and I had a question. When you do the BL client install (This is for Windows environment), is it possible to edit the executable to add the ID that BL uses for communication? Because, for right now, all I do is install the BL agent, and copy the edited "users.local" into the RSC directory. I was hoping that there was a way that I can set these credentials somewhere in the script, or if you maybe knew of another way to make it easier.

      Thanks guys!!

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          Bill Robinson

          record a silent install file for the agent - look in the install pdf for the syntax - it's something like:


          rscd-.exe /s /a /f1"c:\temp\install.iss"


          /f1 is the path to the silent install file

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            Thanks for the reply Bill. But, still not 100% sure what to do here. And forgive me for sounding like an idiot, but I am really new to this application. I have a few questions. When I issue the "rscd.exe /r /a /f1 "c:\temp\install.iss" command, it doesn't do anything. My command line just disappears. Is there a switch that I have to put in or something? I try to echo the results to get a better idea of whats going on, but I get nothing.

            I am starting to pull out whats left of my hair here..........:)

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              Bill Robinson

              our agent installer is a standard Installshield installer, the Installshield part is what uses the '/r /a /f1"c:\temp\install.iss"' switches - these switches create a silent install file that you then use again to do the install.


              there should not be a space between the /f1"c:\temp\foo.iss" - i think i typoed that on my first post.


              when you run the command, the agent install wizard should pop up, just as if you had clicked on it. it then records your responses in the wizard to the iss file.

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                Ok, now one more stupid question. Does this have to be done to create a "iss" file that the master BL console uses? Because what I originally wanted was to have one script that I can use to install the BL agent as a silent install on a Windows server without an agent on it. From there, I would like to also have it edited to have the BL credentials in it.

                Just want to be sure we are both talking about the same thing.


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                  Bill Robinson

                  your script is going to do something like this:


                  copy RSCD745-W32.exe to server

                  copy rscd.iss to server

                  on remote server run ' RSCD745-W32.exe /s /a /f1"c:\temp\rscd.iss" '


                  the iss file will contain the install instructions, which will include the inital BLAdmins:BLAdmin mapping in the users.local file.


                  you'd only need an iss file for the 'master console' if you wanted to update existing agent installs. the CM GUI (master console) cannot install agents on its own. we have a separate tool called the 'bulk agent installer' to do the first-time agent installs. (which you might not be using in favor of your script)

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                    Is it possible to obtain the Bulk Agent installer? We have about 500+ servers that we have to install the agents on within the next few weeks.

                    By the way, thanks for your help....

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                      Bill Robinson

                      it should be listed on the download page on our support site - do you have access to the 'downloads' link when you log in to the support site?

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                        Bill Bruncati

                        I'm looking for something like this and a Bulk

                        Unix installer into Configuration Manager ?


                        I went to the Downloads area and into "FSRK" but

                        I don't see these tools there. Where exactly are they ?




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                          Bill Robinson

                          The bulk installer tool that you install on windows will also run Unix agent installs. There is also a bulk installer tool you can install and run from a Unix host.


                          These are both available on the BMC EPD site under the 'BladeLogic Operations Manager' product. What exactly do you see when you log into the EPD site?

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                            Bill Bruncati

                            Thanks Bill, I found the Bulk Agent install files you mentioned.


                            However, what I'm looking for is a tool or script

                            that enters the Solaris servers into my Configuration Manager.


                            The Solaris servers already have the RSCD Agent installed.


                            Is there a tool or script that:


                            - verifies the server

                            - licenses the server

                            - puts the server into Configuration Manager

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                              Bill Robinson

                              We had some 'add server scripts' but I can't seem to find them.. they basically did:


                              run the blcli Server bulkAddServers against a CSV of your servers

                              run autolic w/ your licensing credentials against the servers.



                              typically though we use the GUI "add servers" or a script to suck in all the servers from a CSV file, then do the licensing in a separate script.