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    File deploy job exclude

      I have been working and testing File Deploy Job and everything looks very nice except one problem. I would like to use the prune possibility but need to exclude some directories with some log files and so on. Is there some possibility in this way or not? Is possible to add it?

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          Bill Robinson

          can you just not add those directories? if you have:






          just add




          to the deploy job?

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            Nice idea, but can not.

            Problem is about designing of some log files, downloaded files and so on. This files are part of structure like this:


            /webapp/index files


            /webapp/uploaded/a,b,c,d ...


            In this meaning I need to sinc and ALSO prune whole /webapp dir. If I do it now, BL erase all logs and uploaded or other tmp files and dirs which should be on server. This structure is for example of course. We have different types of applications and some of them are like this. System is complex and so simple change is not possible. Is big problem to implement exclude possibility?

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              With audit jobs you can add exclusions. While it will take more steps, you can probably achieve the same result using an audit job followed by a sync job that synchronizes your targets:


              1) Take a snapshot of the directory you wish to synchronize, adding any includes or excludes to the job

              2) Audit the snapshot against the targets you want to synchronize

              3) When the audit is complete, sync the targets to the master. All extra/different files on the master will be added to the targets and any extra files on the targets will be removed.


              You could probably automate a bunch of this using the BLCLI so that you weren't manually doing these steps each time. It's unfortunate you don't have include / exclude functionality with a file deploy job, but at the very lease please open up a ticket with Support requesting this as an enhancement.

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                Antonio Caputo



                I am working on BL 8 and facing out with the same issue.


                It could be very useful to exclude some path from the deploy job.

                I know I can workaround this using components and the audit but in my case the deploy job is more suitable.