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    Design difference for file deployment

      Can someone please describe to me what is difference in design between deployment of files using BLPackage and using File Deploy Job? BLPackage has unlimited amount of parallel threads and File Deploy Job not (it is possible but not recommended). What is difference here? File Deploy Job is great but would be much better to have similar architecture to BLPackage job deployment and so allow unlimited threads.


      Thanks much.

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          Bill Robinson

          the file deploy job copies files from a source server to the target(s). the source has to be present for the deploy job to work. (think copying from a staging server out)


          the blpackage actually copies the files to the bladelogic 'file server' storage location, and that is what is deployed on each job run.


          i think in both cases you could run into problems deploying w/ unlimited threads, depending on the situation reducing the parallelism can actually help the overall job run faster.

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            Well I can understand this. In fact for BLPackage never happened that server would be overloaded and for file deploy job it happened. There can be significant difference between directory sizes so I will test this more.


            One more question in this way. Is there any difference between protocols/ways which are used to copy files? I mean if there is one way to copy files for file deploy job and another way for BLPackage or both use same system for copying (BL agent to BL agent) and difference is just in source directory where files are stored?


            Thanks much