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    Extreme reliability issues, going on two years now..

      We have 3 Windows 2003 app servers using an Oracle 10g database on a dedicated AIX lpar.


      For as long as I can remember we've had tickets open with Bladelogic and it has yet to be resolved. Our app servers "crash" quite often, in the sense that the service will stop responding.


      Right now, we have one "all" server, which does logins, jobs and is the nsh proxy. With have a second server which runs a single "job" instance. This one hangs so frequently we just leave it off. The third is fairly stable, and only handles logins.


      I suspect nsh scripts and/or jobs to be part of the problem, but there is definitely more than one problem. I think our database and/or dba may be another issue.


      However....I spend most of my time fixing Bladelogic, which is the total opposite of what we expected with this product. Does anyone else have similar issues??

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          Bill Robinson

          what version are you on (and what build - eg and this behaviour has been constant across upgrades, etc ?


          how much memory do your appserver boxes have and what is the heap setting for the appserver?


          do you have the process spawner enabled?


          when you say the db may be part of the problem - what do you mean? are you doing cold backups during the night, db is performing poorly? is the db on san or local disk?


          can you reproduce this behaviour consistently, or is it sporadic? does the 1st "ALL" appserver hang up as well?