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    Licensing of agent does't run [license.raw file non valid]

    Antonio Caputo



      I just installed an Application Server and a File Server (put on the AS machine itself).

      After this I am trying to licence the File Server agent in order to start the AS but when I run:


      getlic HOSTNAME


      I get this error:


      +User Messages:

      -No file was detected with your submission. Please ensure that you have specified a valid 'license.raw' file. If you have any questions, please email licensing@bladelogic.com.


      Please select the license.raw file that you would like to use to generate a software license. If you are not familiar with the licensing mechanism for the BMC BladeLogic software, see the instructions below. If you would like a list of all of your active licenses, click here.+


      Thanks for help

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          Antonio Caputo

          Also if I try to use autolic I get the following:


          +% autolic -u USERNAME PASSWORD HOSTNAME


          Error code (2): Invalid XML source.+

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            Naveen Anne

            I am seeing a similar behavior:


            1. If I run "agentinfo samtl151" from the application server where samtl151 is the file server, it comes back saying "Not Licensed".


            2. If I right click on samtl151 and NSH Here, run "agentinfo samtl151", it says "Licensed for NSH/CM".


            3. Both application server and the agent are at


            4. If I try to relicense the server using autolic, it throws the following error message:



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              I had the same issue at a client site, one of the machines where I tried to run the autolic on had a blank Host ID, which is used by the agent. Heres teh reply I got from BMC Support on this;

              Trying to license an RSCD Agent on a windows server, getting error when running autolic or manual licensing, "Error code (2): Invalid XML source"


              The error you report is a generic error, that happens when autolic can't get a value that it expected would be available.

              That value is the hostid.

              The hostid of your target server is the serial number of the C: drive.

              The user that is mapped (Bladelogic RSCD@EVWEB ->Anonymous:PrivilegeMapped) does not appear to have read access to the C: drive.

              It should be able to do a 'DIR C:\' command in order to get the serial number.


              Check the permissions for your mapped user and make the appropriate adjustments.