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    Authentication does not work anymore after migration of Active Directory

    Antonio Caputo

      Hi all,


      my Customer has version 7.4.1.

      Since last week they used Kerberos authentication with Active Directory on a Win 2000.


      Last week they moved their AD on a Win 2008 platform and after this they are not able to authenticate via Kerberos anymore.


      If I try to use the Configuration Manager I get this message:


      AD/Kerberos authentication failure


      I reviewd all (I think) settings related to the the configuration steps described in our docs but the problem still happen.


      I also reset the secadmin and the blcred but at the moment when I try to use blcred via nsh we got this message:


      1. blcred cred -acquire -profile BLXFE01

      WARN : AuthSvc responded with an ADK Service Reject Msg

      Authentication failure: AD/Kerberos authentication failure



      In the same time the appserver log says:


      No valid credentials provided (Mechanism level: Attempt to obtain new ACCEPT credentials failed!)

      user authentication failed: Pgrosso@WIND.ROOT.IT

      Connection closed


      If it can be useful: I also noticed that the Authentication Service principal name used in the Configuration Manager is: blappsvc/blxfe01@WIND.ROOT.IT


      andwhat I got with klist is:


      1. ./klist -t -k /usr/nsh/br/blappsvc.keytab

      Key tab: /usr/nsh/br/blappsvc.keytab, 1 entry found.

      Service principal: blappsvc/blxfe01.wind.root.it@WIND.ROOT.IT

      KVNO: 1

      Time stamp: Jan 01, 1970 01:00


      Thanks for any suggestion