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    how can I compare the installed applications of two servers?

      Hi all,


      I've just installed a MSSQLSERVER 2005 and Appserver v7.4.5 including the latest version of the BladeLogic RSCD Agent in a VMWware. The OS is Windows 2003 Server.


      What I've done is to add a new server (localhost) and a second server (another vmware image) with the Operations Manager. The OS is also Windows2003 without any kind of applications except the latest version of the BladeLogic RSCD Agent. I connect those VmWare images via VMWare team.


      After installing this agent I'm able to see all information of this servers in the server workspace (applications, disk space, etc.).


      I'm also able to create a snapshot or a component template.


      My problem is, that I'm not able to compare the installed applications of this both servers.


      I'm looking for any information, how i can proceed to determine the gap between two snapshots or live information. I tried to create a new audit with the localhost as master and the second server as target, but the job did not finished and an error accoured:Error happend during master data collecting.


      Does anyone of you can help me please?


      Thanks in advance,



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