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    Agent logging on a remote server

    Antonio Caputo

      Hi all

      any feedback from you related to this issue will be appreciated.


      I am going to install a BladeLogic Application Server and several agents on Windows/Unix/Linux target servers with this "mandatory" request from our Customer:


      They want to log the agents log files (rscd.log*) of each target server not on the target server itself (as the agent usually does) but on a remote server.

      I don't know if this is a functionality already included into the agent configuration functionalities or if it is possible to do in some way.


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          Bill Robinson

          you can send the agent logs to syslog (they must provide a syslog server to send to) - look in the admin pdf and look in the log4jcrc.txt file.

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            Antonio Caputo

            I tested this solution on my demo drive (where I used a RedHat named red1 and a Windows named win1 as target servers and by using an AS named blapp as remote server where I log the rscd.log).


            Running the following on the remote server (where I want to log):


            bllogman tail -f //MYTARGET/usr/nsh/log/rscd.log > mylog.log


            a mylog.log file is created but it remains empty, so it's not possible to log anything in it.


            I had success with the following:


            nexec -i red1 tail -f /usr/nsh/log/rscd.log >> //blapp/log/myLog.log


            but it doesn't work on Windows, maybe just because I don't know how to give the path. I tried several ways like:


            +nexec -i win1 tail -f /C/Program Files/BladeLogic/RSC/rscd.log >> //blapp/log/myLog.log

            nexec -i win1 tail -f /C/"Program Files"/BladeLogic/RSC/rscd.log >> //blapp/log/myLog.log+


            and so on ... but without success on Windows. Maybe it's just a path problem, maybe not. I don't know.


            Have you any idea regarding it?


            Thank you very much.



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              Bill Robinson

              you can use bllogman copy to copy the agent logs.


              can you not use syslog? (you config that in the log4jcrc.txt file)