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    BL agent role



      can someone describe under which role is running the BL Agent on target server? I need to run command like this one "copy
      server\d$\test\test.tgz d:\" but because of permissions I got an error. Is there any way how to make BL Agent use some exact windows account/profile for this kind of cross site command?



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          Bill Robinson

          When you execute a command against a target agent you send your bladelogic role and user information. on the agent side, this is mapped to a local OS account on the target system.


          the mapping is determined by the contents of the exports, users and users.local files (see the BladeLogicAdministration.pdf doc for more detail).


          the contents of those files is usually determined by how you have setup your role in RBAC. In the Role, you can set a specific OS user account to map to.

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            Are you creating a job or using NSH?


            If you are using NSH, how are you launching it? (Custom Command -> NSH Here or outside of Configuration Manager)


            What do you get when you type "blid"?


            What do you get when you type "agentinfo " where <server><\/body>

            is the name of the host you're trying to copy from?


            If your ACLs are set up correctly you should be able to run this command just fine:


            cp //server/D/test/test.tgz //@/D/

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              Thanks for blid command. I did not know about it.


              Result is this: local: uid=400(BladeLogicRSCD) gid=401(mkpasswd)


              It is local server account which I can not use to access another server. Now please ignore NSH. I call copy command from Depot BLPackage on remote server as I want to use capacity of remote CPU and not local one. If it is about local one, it can be done by NSH, but it would take too long to process commands I need.


              So probably only one possibility is to create BladeLogicRSCD account in active directory so client will able to access files on remote servers or is there any better idea from your side?

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                Can you explain the bigger picture in more detail? What else besides copying a file do you need to achieve?

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                  Well currently just this.


                  Purpose is:

                  1) do package on one server

                  2) copy it into different servers (can be 2 or 20)

                  3) unpack it there


                  I do not want to load it into BL as one package can have 100MB and it would take too long currently. I know I can go around it the way that I create package with this file and distribute it. But this means to load 100MB into BL and than send it to other servers. Problem is size in this way and possibility to script everything without need to upload package into BL. I know it is kind of using BL to workaround BL. It was just question how the BL works with account permissions on server.

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                    Bill Robinson

                    you might want to look at the "network deploy" and a "depot software" object (not a blpackage).


                    this would let you leave your files on a server, execute the deploy from bladelogic and the files would get pulled from the server that has the files to the target(s)


                    or you can use a file deploy job.

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                      Bill Robinson

                      you cannot map bladelogic users to windows domain accounts - the mapping must be to local accounts.

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                        Thanks for advise.


                        I have tried to create SW package, but problem is, that it just stores files in staging directory but it does not move it into target on. I know I can setup some command to copy files from staging to target, but I guess there can be some easy way how to set it up in BL. What would be best would be to setup package the way that it works with directory in BLpackage same way as in software or any other object. So I setup source, target and BL create copy of source on target without need of any other commands to copy it and without staging. In case of copying 100MB is staging wasting of time.


                        I did not find this in docs. Thanks for advise.

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                          The source server is always the same?

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                            Bill Robinson

                            if you want to copy from 1 server to another then use a file deploy job.


                            this requires that the source will always be on the server at the location specified, and it should copy it directly to the location you set on the target server.


                            you will still have to extract archives if you are copying archive files over directly. you can do that in the post install commands.

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                              Yes, source server and dir is still the same.


                              Important is that I do not want to create zip, tar or any other package and want to copy whole directory. BLPackage is perfect for this except the fact that I have to every time import assets to do it. Looking for what to setup it in BladeLogic the way that I need to just run the job. Preset jobs with correct target servers and just everytime copy files into source directory and run a job. No other steps.



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                                Bill Robinson

                                use the "file deploy job"

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                                  Exactly. That is where I was going with this. A file deploy job was meant for this type of action. You can use it to transfer files and directories from a source to the target(s). If it is 100 MB you might be better off compressing it first though, especially if it has multiple files.

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                                    You guys are great :) There is problem with understanding of "file" as I was ignoring this item because I need to work with "directory" ;).


                                    Works great!


                                    Thanks :)

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