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    FileServer (Datastore) Permissions Problem



      I've got an issue when users who are not in the BLAdmins role try to open BLPackages or create new BLPackages. They have all of the relevant authorisations to be able to perform these actions within Configuration Manager, but it seems that the issue is with the permissions on the fileserver itself.


      For example, when trying to open a package, I get an internal error and permission denied message whilst trying to access the bldeploy.xml file that is within the BLPackage.


      Now, I can see two ways around this, but neither seems to be what I would think of as the "right" way to do it. I can change the UNIX file permissions on all of the bldeploy.xml files, or I can add entries into users.local on the fileserver for the various roles mapping them all to root.


      The bldeploy.xml files within each package all have the same permissions read, write and execute for root, no permissions for anyone else (this is a Linux fileserver by the way).


      What is the correct way of giving non-BLAdmins roles access to these packages and access to create new packages?


      Thanks - Lee