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    Multi datacentre architecture

      We have a client that we are needing to set up that has multiple datacentres and DMZ's.


      What would be a best practise architecture on this situation, would we have a application server in each datacentre reporting back to a central depot/reporting datastore? Or do we do this all from a central application server and reporting server.



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          Bill Robinson

          I would look at using Proxies and Repeaters in the remote facilities - the Appserver to DB communication is not optimized for WAN communication.


          So a central appserver, or group of appservers, a reports server, then proxies and repeaters setup at the remote sites.


          You may not need the Proxies - depends on if name resolution works across all sites and if you want to open 1 or many firewall rules.

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            I agree with what Bill posted. There are a couple of additions you can make to improve performance. First, by having an app server dedicated to "configuration" only, the GUI latency is improved dramatically. In addition, once you implement multiple app servers on each physical host it's advisable to scale the database server accordingly. See pg 61 in BladeLogic Administration v7.4.3 for additional info.