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    Silent install of agent issues.

      My problem to twofold.


      One- this following silent file did not enable keystroke logging or checksumming. And I need to find out why.



      export NSH_INSTALL_SKEL




      export INSTALL_DIR




      export IS_KEYSTROKE_LOGS




      Two - Now that I have all these agents not doing keystroke logging or log checksumming is there a way to use this tool to enable them on all my servers?

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          There are a couple ways you could update all your agents to enable keystroke logging. Probably the easiest way to do it is this:


          1) Configure the log4crc.txt file on one agent to enable keystroke logging per the instructions in the BladeLogicAdministration.pdf in the section called "Enabling Keystroke Logging".


          2) Under the Servers view in Configuration Manager, browse to the log4crc.txt file you just modified. Right-click on it and select "Deploy Files". That will create a File Deploy Job which will deploy your modified log4crc.txt file to any targets that you wish to update. Keep in mind that this should only be done for UNIX/Linux hosts, as the path will be different for Windows.


          3) Add a post-command to your File Deploy Job that issues the following command: "/usr/nsh/bin/agentctl -b restart" (You may want to verify that path). This will restart the agent so that any changes to log4crc.txt to take effect.



          The other suggestion I had would be to add the log4crc.txt file as a Configuration File in the Configuration Object Dictionary, and that way you could create a BLPackage to deploy only the specific line that is used for enabling/disabling keystroke logging. You'd still have to restart the agent afterward.

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            Excellent. That worked. I had the file deploy job part but I was lacking the /usr/nsh/sbin/agentctl -b restart part of the equation.

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              Bill Robinson

              when you ran the install, where was the nsh-install-defaults file ? i believe the installer looks in /tmp